Our main goal is to market your technical and human skills as well as your professional aspirations.

Thanks to our contacts in the financial sector, we are informed about the main jobs available. Thus, we know, which company we can suggest to you. However, if there is currently no concrete opportunity, we will try, based on your profile, to promote your skills by putting you in touch with a potential employer that suits you. Our work procedures are based on a strict code of ethics. Thus, discretion and confidentiality are for us words on which we put high value. Even though our offices are located in the city centre, they are inconspicuous and welcoming.

Hereinafter, you’ll find a sample of the job advertisements that have been submitted to us by the companies of our network. This is only a short selection of jobs avalaible. We can propose you other professional opportunities. Do not hesitate to contact us.

You can also send us your profile whith this form :

Updated 16-03-2019


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